384 – Telehealth Unleashed: Pioneering the Future of Healthcare with Next-Gen Technology

Talking HealthTech

384 – Telehealth Unleashed: Pioneering the Future of Healthcare with Next-Gen Technology

October 12, 2023

384 – Telehealth Unleashed: Pioneering the Future of Healthcare with Next-Gen Technology

In this episode of Talking Health Tech, host Nathan Moore chats with Silvia Pfeiffer, the CEO of Coviu. Silvia shares her journey from being a computer scientist to co-founding Coviu and leading the digitization of health tech. They discuss Coviu’s unique features as an all-in-one virtual care engagement platform, including its integration capabilities, administrative insights, and focus on uplifting the quality of care through clinical consultations. Silvia also delves into the challenges of interoperability and the practical steps Coviu has taken to address this issue.

Key Takeaways:

  • Seamless workflow integration is a cornerstone of effective telehealth platforms, something demonstrated by Coviu’s capability to sync with existing healthcare software. This removes barriers in the patient experience and streamlines administrative tasks.
  • Beyond just video calls, telehealth platforms are revolutionising the quality of care through advanced clinical tools. Platforms like Coviu offer automated scoring systems and data visualisation features that empower healthcare providers to make informed decisions.
  • Interoperability remains a complex yet crucial challenge in healthcare technology. Coviu addresses this by leveraging APIs and adhering to FHIR standards, allowing for secure and efficient data exchange between platforms.
  • The telehealth landscape is significantly influenced by the work of cross-disciplinary professionals, like Silvia Pfeiffer, who bring expertise from other fields like computer science to address healthcare needs, particularly in underserved areas.
  • Administrative efficiency is a critical but often overlooked aspect of telehealth. Advanced analytics and oversight features in platforms like Coviu enable smoother coordination between patients and clinicians.
  • The broader impact of telehealth platforms extends to improving treatment planning and promoting evidence-based care. These platforms are centralising and digitising patient data, making it easier to monitor patient progress and adapt treatment plans accordingly.

Check out the episode and full show notes on the Talking HealthTech website.

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