383 – The role of technology in the maldistribution of the healthcare workforce in Australia

Talking HealthTech

383 – The role of technology in the maldistribution of the healthcare workforce in Australia

October 9, 2023

383 – The role of technology in the maldistribution of the healthcare workforce in Australia

This episode of Talking HealthTech was recorded live at University of Queensland during Taking Healthcare Everywhere – the launch of the 2023 Philips Future Health Index report.

In this discussion, host Peter Birch is joined on stage by Dr Steve Hambleton, Jade Barclay, and Dr Rolf Gomes for a discussion on the maldistribution of the healthcare workforce in Australia and the potential of digital advancements, including artificial intelligence (AI) and remote care, to address the issue.

The panelists share their experiences and insights, highlighting the importance of trust in AI systems, the need for equitable healthcare across regional and remote areas, and the role of technology in bridging the access gap. The episode also explores the challenges in achieving widespread adoption of AI in healthcare and the potential solutions to overcome them.

Key Takeaways

– The maldistribution of healthcare providers in Australia is a major challenge, with a lack of placement in areas that need them the most.

– Trust in AI systems is essential but can be difficult to gain and easy to lose, especially due to concerns about data hacks. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has increased trust in digital health records and accelerated the adoption of AI systems.

– Australia lags behind other countries in AI investment, possibly due to lower levels of trust and risk tolerance. Enterprise-level AI models could help build trust among clinicians and patients.

– Remote care and home monitoring through digital technology can improve equity in healthcare, empowering patients with information and tools.

– The current healthcare system focuses more on sick care rather than prevention and promoting health. A more interconnected system, with individuals empowered to take care of themselves, is needed for effective healthcare reform.

Watch the episode and read the full article on the Talking HealthTech website.

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