377 – What Patients Want

Talking HealthTech

377 – What Patients Want

September 18, 2023

377 – What Patients Want

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In this episode recorded at the Talking HealthTech Winter Summit, we explore patient expectations in healthcare. Learn the importance of understanding who the patient is, what their expectations are, and how health tech businesses can meet those effectively. The conversation ranges from the role of patient advocacy, the duality of convenience vs clinical aspects, and the potential of technology in making healthcare more accessible and personalised.

Key Takeaways:

– Improving productivity in the HealthTech care sector is essential to allocate more time for patients who need it the most.

– Data sharing and interoperability are crucial components for efficient healthcare delivery and cost reduction.

– Educating consumers about the healthcare system and empowering them to access their own information can lead to better healthcare outcomes.

– Men’s reluctance to seek medical help can be addressed through telehealth and other innovative solutions.

– The consumerization of healthcare has the potential to reduce costs, improve quality, and increase accessibility and convenience for patients.

– Capturing direct feedback from patients is vital in the consumerization process to enhance service provision.

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