291 – Medtech and Manufacturing: Building Global Capability.  AusMedTech 2022

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291 – Medtech and Manufacturing: Building Global Capability. AusMedTech 2022

September 28, 2022

291 – Medtech and Manufacturing: Building Global Capability. AusMedTech 2022

Earlier this year, the Australian Medtech sector reunited in Melbourne to learn, connect and celebrate its achievements at the AusMedtech 2022 Conference, by AusBiotech .  It was a record turn out and a great event overall, and Talking HealthTech was there recording interviews with speakers in our booth. 


The theme of AusMedtech 2022 was ‘Medtech and Manufacturing: Building Global Capability’, which really reflected the industry’s international successes and aspirations.


The Ausbiotech team are busy organising the next AusMedtech conference right now, which is going to be in Adelaide next year on the 24th and 25th of May, so keep an eye on the AudMedTech website for more information on that as it comes available.


Also if you enjoyed this episode, then consider coming along to Australia’s largest Life Sciences Conference, AusBiotech 2022 – it’s going to be a big week, in Perth on 26th and 28th of October of this year.


Talking HealthTech will be heading over as we’re media partners for AusBioInvest – which is Australia’s largest life sciences investment conference, and is focused on connecting investors with innovative biotech companies (private and public). 


Talking HealthTech will be hanging out in the ‘media lounge’ at AusBioInvest, so make sure you come over and say hello if you’re around.  We will definitely be popping in to Ausbiotech as well during the week as well.


Visit these websites for  more information:



In this episode hear quick conversations we had with speakers at AusMedTech 22.  We covered topics like Australian manufacturing and global expansion , implications of cyber security, the diagnostic landscape post covid 19, building an appropriate board, challenges and opportunities in reimbursement, Clinical trials in medtech, the role of connectivity in transforming healthcare, talent and diversity, and some conversations with participants and judges in sessions on accelerators, incubators, and early stage investment.   Plus at the end hear from none other than Lorraine Chiroiu, the CEO of Ausbiotech


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