28 – David Dahm, Health and Life

Talking HealthTech

28 – David Dahm, Health and Life

December 9, 2019

28 – David Dahm, Health and Life

David Dahm is a driven, motivated and dedicated individual with a raft of qualifications and experience, and an amazing life story. He is currently the CEO and Founder of Health and Life, the CEO of One Moment Foundation and is actively involved in industry associations across the Medical and Accounting professions. David is passionate about creating a sustainable and socially responsible healthcare system by promoting health and financial literacy in the community.  

Most recently David is on a journey to establish the IHSEB – the International Health Standards & Ethics Board – in an effort to implement standards of healthcare delivery across the globe.

Listen in to this episode of Talking HealthTech to hear more about the IHSEB, as well as David’s story, what Doctors can learn from Accountants, and all about the concept of patient advocacy.  



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