242 – Exploring digital health at the Australian Healthcare Week 2022

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242 – Exploring digital health at the Australian Healthcare Week 2022

May 25, 2022

242 – Exploring digital health at the Australian Healthcare Week 2022

Exploring the world of digital health at the Australian Healthcare Week 2022.
 Dr Anuj Saraogi from eHealth Queensland, Dr Annie McAuley from Talkiplay, Tyrone Jackson from Get Well, Ajit Ravindran of Lenexa Medical, Stefan Harrer from Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre, Bronwyn Le Grice from ANDHealth and Vidya Nallamad from Net-Health.  
Australian Healthcare Week provides the ultimate opportunity for providers to generate strong connections and leads within the healthcare industry. 
In this episode, you will hear a compilation of the best conversations that Pete had with seven speakers at the Australian Healthcare Week event in Sydney. In this series of discussions, they covered the healthcare IT workforce, enhancing in-room patient experience with smart technology in a hospital setting and remote patient monitoring. This episode also covers quite a few interesting startup solutions and much more. 
This episode takes you to the Australian Healthcare Week event where you will hear from seven people who are actively a part of the digital health community. They discuss issues and innovative solutions and much more.  

Check out the episode and full show notes here.

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