Shot of #DigitalHealth Therapy – Acacia Parks

Shot of Digital Health Therapy

Shot of #DigitalHealth Therapy – Acacia Parks

Happy Wednesday and Happy #TheShot of #DigitalHealth Therapy. Speaking of Happ(ify) - Jim Joyce and I had an amazing pleasure to keep Acacia Parks jet-lagged and awake in Milan. Acacia…
November 10, 2021

Shot of #DigitalHealth Therapy – Acacia Parks

Happy Wednesday and Happy #TheShot of #DigitalHealth Therapy. Speaking of Happ(ify) – Jim Joyce and I had an amazing pleasure to keep Acacia Parks jet-lagged and awake in Milan. Acacia is a psychologist by training, a professor turned Chief Science Officer at Happify Health – was lots to double-click on:

😊 Cognitive Therapy – is it for everyone?

😊 Active Ingredients in #DTx

😊 Patient churn in #DTx

😊 Hunger Games of #mentalhealth

😊 oh and an advice to scientific founders…

Fun mentions as always: Ofer Leidner Tomer Ben-Kiki Chris Wasden Matthew Holt Jessica DaMassa Carlos Rodarte (aka #rDTxRoberto Ascione Frontiers Health Brian Dolan Marina Borukhovich

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