Building Support Systems for Vulnerable Populations with Rebecca W. Munn

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Building Support Systems for Vulnerable Populations with Rebecca W. Munn

December 7, 2020

Building Support Systems for Vulnerable Populations with Rebecca W. Munn

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To create a meaningful and lasting positive impact for our community members exposed to substance abuse, I believe the healthcare industry must implement behavioral, medical, and social care treatments for them. 

During this episode, I spent time with a national leader who is creating trauma-informed care teams, while in her personal life is the author of two books that focus on the loss of loved ones and transition. 

Rebecca Whitehead Munn is the Chief Operating Officer of 180 Health Partners, a fellowship of care providers, community builders, and healthcare pioneers passionate about impacting the trajectory of lives with exposure to substance use and devoted to finding new ways to do so.

Rebecca shares her journey as an author and how her professional career has perfectly positioned her to help 180 Health Partners continue to expand their critically important work across the nation. 

Additionally, Rebecca shares how she and her team help save health plans money while also delivering better outcomes for the patients they serve. 

Join us for this inspiring conversation of hope, resilience, and dedication to a brighter future as Rebecca and 180 Health Partners continue to serve as treatment allies for our providers and community members across the nation. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Rebecca’s journey of being an author and healthcare executive
  • What is 180 Health Partners and the Strongwell Program
  • The impact of 180 Health Partners’ work for the people they serve
  • The expansion of 180 Health Partners across the United States

About our Guest: 

Rebecca is passionate about rethinking possible and brings intellectual humility to all her endeavors. She has served in healthcare executive roles for several global companies, most recently UnitedHealthcare. In Rebecca’s 25+ years of leadership experience, she has achieved success with leading innovation of new business models, prototyping emergent community-based delivery models, and segmenting consumer delivery approaches yielding growth and client satisfaction. 

Rebecca is currently the Chief Operating Officer for 180 Health Partners, a multi- state provider of behavioral health care + community services that help women and men recover from substance- exposed living and live a life of thriving recovery. 

Rebecca has been trained in the Nuka System of Care from Southcentral Foundation, Anchorage, Alaska and the Buurtzorg holistic system of care, the largest home-based clinical model in the world, in Almelo, Netherlands.

She is an award-winning author of two books and the immediate past Board Chair for Hands on Nashville Board of Directors. Rebecca is passionate about teaching and is an adjunct professor in the Lipscomb University Healthcare Administration Master’s program. 

She earned a B.B.A. in marketing with a minor in psychology from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin, an executive M.B.A. degree from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, in 2017, became a Nashville Healthcare Council Fellow, in 2018, became certified as an End of Life Doula from the University of Vermont College of Medicine, and in 2019, became certified in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. 

Rebecca is happiest outdoors, practicing yoga, being a mom, finding great Mexican food, and using her chaotic Aries energy for good. She has lived in Nashville, Tennessee since 2005.

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