Automating Anesthesia Assignments with Dr. Michael Bronson

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Automating Anesthesia Assignments with Dr. Michael Bronson

June 28, 2021

Automating Anesthesia Assignments with Dr. Michael Bronson

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As a practicing anesthesiologist with an entrepreneurial passion to help improve the healthcare industry through innovative technology, our next guest has made it his mission to help ease the administrative burden for his profession that has plagued his colleagues for far too long! 

Dr. Michael Bronson, CEO of AnesthesiaGo, joins us to discuss the arduous and time-consuming process for scheduling anesthesiologists and why his technology is freeing human capacity and potential so anesthesiologists and their practices can get back to doing what they do best- taking care of patients! 

Join us for this inspiring conversation with a front-line healthcare provider turned tech entrepreneur as we continue to work together to move the healthcare industry forward! Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • Dr. Bronson’s entrepreneurial journey and passion while practicing medicine
  • What Dr. Bronson learned along his journey that helped him launch AnesthesiaGo
  • Why the AnesthesiaGo platform is so needed, especially as healthcare professionals are overworked
  • Who the AnesthesiaGo platform is built for and what Dr. Bronson’s team is achieving

About our Guest: 

Dr. Michael Bronson is a UC-San Diego trained and board-certified anesthesiologist working in Orange County, California. Aside from his role as a full time physician, he has built and scaled multiple healthcare businesses and currently serves as the CEO of both AnesthesiaGo (scheduling software for anesthesiologists) and the Wellness Clinic of Orange County (therapeutic infusions for mood and pain disorders). His first solo business, a physician educational website, was sold in 2015.

He serves in various leadership roles within his private practice group, notably on the Board of Directors as well as the Orthopedic and Neurosurgical Service Line Director. At the hospital level he has served on a number of committees with experience on a Multidisciplinary Peer Review team and as a current member of the Medical Executive Board.

Dr. Bronson also functions as an advisor and consultant to various medical device companies that seek his expertise and opinion at various stages of development. Prior to gaining experience in business development, as a Chief Resident at UCSD he worked closely with world renown anesthesiologist, Jonathon Benumof, and authored several chapters in his textbook, Clinical Anesthesiology.

In his free time Dr. Bronson enjoys spending time with his wife and three children— cooking, reading, traveling, picnics at the beach and attending sporting events.

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