How Our Rare Kids Can Shape Us

Once Upon A Gene

How Our Rare Kids Can Shape Us

April 16, 2020

How Our Rare Kids Can Shape Us


How Our Rare Kids Can Shape Us

Molly D’Angelo is sharing her adorable son’s story with us who has a rare genetic disorder of obesity. People can be very judgmental and cruel. Rare parents watch their kids struggle so much and we have fear about their futures on a regular basis. We grow a thick skin, but even we are not immune to the ignorance and unkindness we can receive. Stories like Josh’s help spread awareness and educate us all to have more compassion and understanding. 


Tell us about your family.

What causes the obesity disorder? Is it a genetic mutation?

After your son was born, when did you realize something was different?

How do you combat human stupidity and general unkindness in looks and comments geared towards you as a parent and also Josh?

Does Josh also have an autism diagnosis?

What are some of Josh’s favorite things?

What’s Josh’s relationship with his brothers like? 

What kind of advocate has this made you?

What do you want people to do or say when they meet Josh?


Molly D’Angelo Instagram (@mollyedangelo)

LEAD for Rare Obesity on Facebook (@LEADforRareObesity)

Love What Matters on Facebook (@lovewhatreallymatters)

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