NWP: Do You Know The Key to Unlock Leadership? Wendy with Renita Alexander

Nurse Wellness Podcast

NWP: Do You Know The Key to Unlock Leadership? Wendy with Renita Alexander

September 1, 2022

NWP: Do You Know The Key to Unlock Leadership? Wendy with Renita Alexander

Renita D. Alexander is a servant leader, certified professional coach, retired Colonel, and author who is passionate about leadership! She started her company, Leadership Unlocked, after ending her U.S. Air Force career and discovered a missing element…real leadership…in many of the businesses she encountered.

She has turned her passion into a thriving business and herself into The Leadership Locksmith. Alexander’s goal in life is to help aspiring and ambitious leaders unlock and leverage their unique, innate leadership DNA so they can lead with energy, authenticity and agility.

Alexander exposes her clients to leadership principals that celebrate the humanity of all humans. She helps them excavate the internal barriers that prevent them from accessing their unique leadership skills so they can show up confidently, earn the leadership positions they deserve and lead effectively. She guides leaders as they unlock and leverage their unique, innate talents to lead with authenticity and agility and trains teams to harness the synergy of their individual strengths and unleash their collective superpowers. In addition to her business, Alexander has lent her leadership expertise to several non-profits to include the one she co-founded, The Social Leadership Academy, a global education organization for aspiring social entrepreneurs and leaders. She is a former board director of The Ideal Candidate, a Chicago-based non-profit that fosters Black and Latino leadership through workforce training and professional development. She also created the Leadership Empowerment Academy for the Air Force Academy High School to help young leaders find their leadership strengths.

Alexander is the author of Just Breathe: Leading Myself One Breath at a Time, a
compilation of biographical anecdotes about her own leadership journey as well
as observations from leading and coaching others, sprinkled with leadership truths from other leaders. Alexander is a lifelong learner with a BA in Communications, master’s degrees in Public Administration and Strategic Studies, a professional coaching certification as well as a personal trainer certification. She travels frequently with her daughter, Renise Alexander, a Delta Airlines flight attendant. She believes being who you are called to be is the journey of a lifetime.

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