High Performance Nursing: Burnout with Dex Randall

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High Performance Nursing: Burnout with Dex Randall

December 29, 2022

High Performance Nursing: Burnout with Dex Randall

We, nurses, are no strangers to burnout! It may even feel like it’s an inevitable part of our jobs as clinicians and caregivers. However, over the years, I have discovered that you can manage burnout and, in time, even harness it to help you find what you truly what to do in your career and come out to the other end of burnout with a whole new perspective.

Dex Randall, expert Burnout Coach, life coach, and certified master life coach, joins us in this episode to talk all about understanding the signs of impending burnout and recognizing if you’re in burnout! In our discussion, we discuss our predispositions and how internal and external forces contribute to burnout.

The goal is to transform from burnout to buoyancy and even beyond to achieve success and be passionate about your chosen profession. Understanding how burnout works and recognizing the stigma that goes along with it is essential. 

If you think you may be experiencing burnout right now, feeling exhausted, having trouble sleeping due to work and what’s going on in your mind, or being overworked and overwhelmed, this episode is especially for you! 

Key takeaways:

0:35 – Introducing Dex Randall

1:40 – What is Burnout and Who Gets It?

3:50 – Signs of an impending burnout

5:20 – Recognizing if you’re in burnout

6:55 – Doing more doesn’t fix issues

8:00 – External world issues

10:25 – Preventing and Curing Burnout

15:30 – Managing Thoughts and Emotions

18:00 – Burnout to Buoyancy

20:25 – Impact of the stories you tell

23:00 – Burnout in men and women

25:00 – Managing the stigma 

29:15 – Experiencing burnout after overcoming it

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