Techquity Series: Cultural Perspectives in Health Tech

HIT Like a Girl Pod: Empowering Women in Health IT

Techquity Series: Cultural Perspectives in Health Tech

May 22, 2024

Techquity Series: Cultural Perspectives in Health Tech

In the third installment of the Techquity Series, HIT Like a Girl podcast, Chrissy Kuahine, Director of Clinical and Patient Informatics at the Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center, and Dr. Michael Penn, discuss Chrissy’s project addressing digital literacy among elderly native Hawaiians. They explore the use of digital navigators to facilitate technology engagement and the incorporation of native Hawaiian culture into the program.

Throughout the episode, the importance of collaboration, access, and strategic partnerships in advancing digital health equity is emphasized. The guests also express enthusiasm for the future of the coalition’s work and its potential to make a significant impact on healthcare disparities.

Want to learn more about the inspiring projects making healthcare more equitable? Head over to

Episode Highlights

[00:09:02] Michael’s Greeting in Hawaiian: “Aloha. Ka kakia. Michael”

[00:13:23] Digital Literacy and Connectivity Among Elderly Native Hawaiians

[00:16:26] Discussion on Access and Generalizability of the Project

[00:17:05] Emphasizing the Importance of Building Strategic Partnerships

[00:43:14] Future Initiatives of the Techquity for Health Coalition

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