Techquity Series: Voices Unleashed

HIT Like a Girl Pod: Empowering Women in Health IT

Techquity Series: Voices Unleashed

May 23, 2024

Techquity Series: Voices Unleashed

In the fourth episode of the Techquity series on the HIT Like a Girl podcast, guest host Tanisha Hill, the founder of the Digital Health for Equitable Health Alliance, leads a compelling discussion with Rachel Starnes and Kylie Kalik from WillowTree, introducing their groundbreaking project, Vocable AAC. This innovative app aims to empower non-verbal individuals to communicate effectively using facial tracking and touch technology.

The conversation delves into the personal stories behind the development of Vocable AAC, highlighting the profound impact it can have on individuals like Rachel’s mother, who is almost entirely non-verbal. The guests emphasize the importance of user-focused design, affordability, accessibility, and privacy considerations in digital health technology.

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Episode Highlights

00:06:13] Description of Vocable AAC Project by Kylie Kalik

[00:10:25] The Impact of Vocable AAC on Non-Verbal Individuals

[00:13:40] User-Centered Design Approach in Developing Vocable AAC

[00:17:55] Discussion on Making Technology Accessible Across Devices

[00:21:10] Challenges and Solutions in Techquity Implementation

[00:25:05] Future Plans for Techquity Initiatives

[00:30:40] Conclusion and Invitation to Explore More on Techquity

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