Digital Health Dialogues: Bridging Equity and Access

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Digital Health Dialogues: Bridging Equity and Access

An informative conversation with Dr Jhaimy Fernandez & Betty Villantay
March 12, 2024

Digital Health Dialogues: Bridging Equity and Access

In this episode, Joy Rios welcomes Dr. Jhaimy Fernandez, a family medicine resident and digital health equity leader, and Betty Villantay, an aspiring physician and advocate in the digital health equity space. The episode delves into the complexities of healthcare, with a particular focus on digital health equity and the challenges of telemedicine, especially in underserved communities. Dr. Fernandez shares her journey from being the first in her family to attend medical school to recognizing the importance of giving back and supporting non-traditional, underrepresented students in medicine. Betty’s story highlights the obstacles of navigating a career in biomedical engineering and medicine without a clear guide. Together, they discuss their collaboration in hosting a digital health conference aimed at bringing together people of color to share their experiences in the digital health space. The conversation also touches on the practical aspects of implementing telemedicine, addressing biases from healthcare providers, and the importance of communicating effectively with patients to overcome language barriers and technological challenges. This episode sheds light on the necessity of digital health equity and the power of innovative communication strategies like leveraging common platforms such as WhatsApp to improve patient engagement and access to care.

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