Connecting Care: A Journey of Innovation and Empathy

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Connecting Care: A Journey of Innovation and Empathy

An interesting discussion with Health Gorilla's VP of Sales, Stacy Fox
March 19, 2024

Connecting Care: A Journey of Innovation and Empathy

In this episode, Joy sits down with Stacy Fox, VP of Sales at Health Gorilla and a seasoned healthcare industry professional, who shares her unique insights and personal journey within the complex world of healthcare. With a background that includes a heartfelt connection to Children’s Hospital Colorado driven by her brother’s experience with Down Syndrome, Fox delves into the challenges and triumphs of improving healthcare connectivity and data sharing. Her transition from hands-on roles in healthcare practices to leading digital health sales teams underscores the critical importance of access to medical records and the seamless integration of health information systems. Fox’s narrative is not just about her professional achievements but also intertwines her athletic background, emphasizing the value of teamwork, discipline, and leadership—qualities that she brings to her role at Health Gorilla. This episode provides a compelling look at how personal motivations and professional experiences can converge to drive innovation and improvement in healthcare delivery.

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