Graduate Nursing Interviews – Grad Nurse Success Series

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Graduate Nursing Interviews – Grad Nurse Success Series

May 31, 2023

Graduate Nursing Interviews – Grad Nurse Success Series

Welcome to another episode of Graduate Nurse Series Success, where I share insights and strategies to help you ace your graduate nursing interviews. In this live session on Instagram, I’ve answered some questions from my followers.

Receiving an interview offer is a reason to celebrate because it means you’ve already made a positive impression with your application. Remember, nursing panels don’t invite just anyone, so when you get that notification, remind yourself that you’re already 70% of the way there.

If you’re seeking comprehensive guidance and support throughout your graduate nursing journey, I highly recommend joining the Graduate Career Launch Program. We offer expert assistance in note preparation, example tailoring, and interview strategies to significantly increase your chances of success.

To learn more about the specific questions asked by my followers in this live session, I invite you to listen to the full episode. It’s packed with valuable information that will further enhance your interview preparation.

Key takeaways:

01:46 – Celebrating the Interview Offer and The Interview Process from Start to Finish

04:22 – The Importance of Preparation

09:43 – How do you not forget everything you’ve ever done on placement on the spot? Will you do that? 

14:33 – What type of scenarios might they ask us about? 

15:14 – Two types of scenarios in the interview

17:36 – Is having a portfolio important?

20:24 – Maximizing Opportunities and Strategies in Post-Interview Phase

25:22 – What are your favorite questions to ask the panel?

32:38 – Is there anything to be careful of with group interviews? 

34:53 – Any tips not to go blank in the interview?

39:23 – Is it okay to ask the panel to rephrase the question? 

41:54 – Is it okay to bring a notepad and jot down parts of the question?

46:58 – Are there questions along the lines of what policy of the healthcare facility aligns with our values potentially?

47:49 – Do you use the STAR framework in your program? 

50:50 – How long is an interview typically?

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