Career Planning for Nurses 2023

High Performance Nursing

Career Planning for Nurses 2023

May 29, 2023

Career Planning for Nurses 2023

In this episode, we dive into the world of career planning and challenge the traditional notion of following a precise path. Join me as I explore the beauty of embracing a “hot mess” career, where detours, uncertainties, and diverse roles can lead to personal and professional growth. I also talked about the Four P Approach to career planning, a simple and effective method that anyone can use to navigate their professional journey.

You will also learn about the inspiring story of a nurse with 30 years of experience who believed she lacked opportunities for growth. Discover how she used the Four P Approach to uncover her true capabilities, passions, and a multitude of career pathways. By giving herself permission to plan, she overcame limiting beliefs and successfully pursued a higher-level nursing position.

As you listen to this episode I encouraged you to reflect on one insight that you can apply to your own career planning. Career plans are not set in stone and should be intentionally created to serve individual aspirations. 

Ultimately, my goal in this episode is to empower nurses to take charge of their careers, think critically about what they want to create, and embrace a modern approach to career planning that aligns with their values and goals.

Key takeaways:

02:16 – What does career planning means?

11:55 – The Four P Approach to Career Planning

12:04 – Step One: Perceptions – Analyzing internal thoughts and beliefs.

12:42 – Step Two: Passions – Identifying activities that bring energy and fulfillment.

14:17 – Step Three: Pathways – Thinking beyond traditional options and embracing new possibilities.

15:25 – Step Four: Permission to Plan – Developing an informed and intentional career strategy.

15:54 – Case Study: Jane’s Transformation

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