Creating Your Intentional Life with Beth Montano from Autonomic

High Performance Nursing

Creating Your Intentional Life with Beth Montano from Autonomic

February 28, 2022

Creating Your Intentional Life with Beth Montano from Autonomic

In this episode of High Performance Nursing, I speak with the amazing Beth Montano. She is a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Medical Oncology and the CEO & Founder of Autonomic. 

Beth has over 12 years of nursing experience and through Autonomic, she’s on a mission to help nurses to love their work. It’s no secret that working as a nursing professional or in most healthcare industries is extremely tiring and nurses experience burnout and constant stress.

For nurses to love their work, it’s essential to go back to basics and reflect on what they want from nursing. It starts with what Beth coined as RCA – require, change, and accept. Nurses should assess what they require from their work, the changes they want to happen, and the things they have to accept.

Some nurses also feel stuck because they’ve made their careers their entire identities. For Beth, being a nurse should only be a part of your identity and not the entirety of it. Beth also advises nurses to constantly seek both formal and informal support in times of stress. This not only helps their well-being but also has a positive influence on their work performance. 

In times of crisis like this global pandemic where the demand for healthcare is high, nurses might question if they really love their work. However, with the right support and mindset, nurses can create an intentional life where they stay true to their passion and commitment to taking care of others and themselves.


  • Beth’s career to date (01:25)
  • Her life-changing experiences in India (02:50)
  • A day in a life of Beth as a clinical nurse specialist (11:55)
  • Beth’s advice for nurses who are holding themselves back (14:50)
  • The history of Autonomic (17:09)
  • The changes Beth would implement in the nursing profession (23:03)
  • Love Your Work (25:05)
  • Beth’s recommendations to nurses managing current stress (30:45)
  • Rapid-fire questions with Beth Montano (32:49)


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