1 Year Celebrations of The High Performance Nursing Podcast

High Performance Nursing

1 Year Celebrations of The High Performance Nursing Podcast

January 17, 2022

1 Year Celebrations of The High Performance Nursing Podcast

Can you believe that we are celebrating our anniversary episode of High-Performance Nursing? I still remember that fateful day of January 17, 2021, when I was full of fears about the launch of this podcast.

Now I can confidently say that I’m glad I chose courage and did not let my fears or doubts consume me. This courage also helped me build a community of high-performance nurses and healthcare professionals from all over the world.

Today’s episode highlights what we have achieved as a community through five amazing guests namely, Rachel Longhurst, Tammy Copley, Lauren Bell, Hannah Sawyer, Elaina Mullery. This consists of snippets from previous highly rated episodes based on the number of downloads and the feedback that I have received personally.

Join me as we look back at the wisdom and valuable information that helps healthcare professionals with their career growth. And as always, I hope you enjoy and learn a thing or two with this episode, let’s dive in!


  • All things intensive/critical Care with Rachel Longhurst (05:30)
  • Bullying and harassment in healthcare environment Tammy Copley (12:59)
  • Wealth and mindset mentoring with Lauren Bell (30:55)
  • Find your Inner Queen and empower your mindset with Hannah Sawyer (50:44)
  • Self-Compassion and dealing with burnout with Elaina Mullery (1:05:47)


PS. I have launched my signature “8 week Clinical Career Accelerator Program” to help clinicians (just like you) achieve their career goals, with confidence, clarity and mentorship from me! If this sounds like something you are interested in – reply with the word “Accelerate” for more info!

P.P.S Whenever you are ready… here are 3 ways I can help you build your healthcare career.

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