What’s your Career WHY?

High Performance Nursing

What’s your Career WHY?

January 26, 2022

What’s your Career WHY?

In this episode, let’s kick off the new year by reconnecting with our “Career Why.” The healthcare industry is currently facing significant challenges. And exploring more about our Why will assist us, nurses, in determining what our career goals are. Assisting us in making informed decisions about our careers and future.

For many of us, change equates to uncertainty. Everything changes as we progress through our careers. And as humans, it is our inability to maintain stability that holds us back. Returning to our Career Why ensures us that we know where we are moving forward.

In this episode, I will walk you through some questions that will help you craft your Why. We’ll dig deeper on how indecision, fear, and change affects it. And creating a compelling Why statement that is uniquely yours to keep as you move forward. 

Creating a compelling Why pushes you through the hard times. It will help you step outside your comfort zone, and stop you from being stuck in indecision. Having that deep heart compelling Why can make anything possible for you in your career.


  • Diving deep into what is your true career (02:27)
  • Your WHY as a vision (04:14)
  • The first step in overcoming the feeling of being stuck (08:43)
  • Being more intentional in moving forward (11:45)
  • Creating your WHY (12:31)
  • Is your WHY weak or hard? (13:31)
  • Connecting your WHY on a deep emotional level (18:34)
  • Realigning with your WHY to achieve clarity (20:20)
  • Mapping out your WHY (25:46)
  • Getting a feedback (26:27)
  • Knowing the indications through your achievements (26:57)
  • Identifying the theme (27:49)
  • Your WHY statement (28:09)


  • “Growth lies on the other side of the fear. Fear is just a fantasized experience appearing real.” -Liam Caswell 
  • “When you start to understand that you can feel all the feelings and that it doesn’t shake you, it doesn’t rock you and that you’re stable and that you are all good and the life goes on, you have taken all your power back and you will be invincible.” – Liam Caswell
  • “When your WHY is so strong and deeply connected on an emotional level, you can achieve anything that you want.” – Liam Caswelll
  • “If you’re at a point in your life where there’s a lot of change happening, allow it to evolve and change.” – Liam Caswell

PS. I have launched my signature “8 week Clinical Career Accelerator Program” to help clinicians (just like you) achieve their career goals, with confidence, clarity and mentorship from me! If this sounds like something you are interested in – reply with the word “Accelerate” for more info!

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