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The CancerIQ Solution

Feyi Ayodele is the Founder & CEO of CancerIQ, a healthcare technology company focused on personalized cancer prevention and early detection. Listen to her discuss her experience as a Black…
May 10, 2023

The CancerIQ Solution

Meet Our Guest: 

Feyi Ayodele is the co-founder and CEO of CancerIQ, a fast-growing precision health platform that allows providers to identify, evaluate and manage entire patient populations based on individual genetic risk factors. In 2013, Ayodele co-founded CancerIQ after taking a sabbatical from the finance world to work alongside her mother, renowned medical oncologist Olufunmilayo Olopade, in the Center for Clinical Cancer Genetics at University of Chicago. 


Key Insights: 

CancerIQ’s mission is to make sure more people have access to the right genetic testing services and the right preventive care so cancer can be caught early or the risk can be eliminated altogether.

From Finance to Healthcare. After starting her career in financial services, she went to Wharton for business school and then felt compelled to take the entrepreneurship path in healthcare.

Early Detection. CancerIQ makes it easy for health systems to personalize cancer prevention and early detection. The company’s mission is to make genetic information more accessible and actionable, to empower patients and clinicians in the fight against cancer.

Be a Case Study. Feyi shares insights on the importance of being a successful case study for underrepresented groups in leadership positions.


This episode is hosted by CarlaDenise Edward, Ph.D., Strategic Advisor.

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