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Send the Ferry Back

In this episode, Sandra Fenwick, former CEO, Boston Children’s Hospital, speaks with Karen Antman, M.D., Provost of the Medical Campus and Dean of Boston University School of Medicine, about the…
November 9, 2022

Send the Ferry Back

Meet Karen Antman:

Karen Antman, M.D. is Provost of the Medical Campus and Dean of Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine. She is an internationally recognized expert on breast cancer, mesotheliomas and sarcomas and has written more than 300 journal papers. Previously, Dr. Antman served as Deputy Director for Translational and Clinical Sciences at the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health. 


Key Insights:

Karen Antman, M.D. explores her career path and reflects on the skills, experiences, and advice that made her journey possible. 


  • Women Supporting Women. Dr. Antman recounts that she and other women would speak up to reiterate and emphasize each other’s ideas. This ensured that the credit was given where it was due, and their ideas wouldn’t get stolen. 
  • Advice from Mentors. Dr. Antmanwas given the adviceto “send back the ferry.” It means that once you’ve achieved something, gotten to the other side, send the ferry back so that other people can achieve what you have. 
  • Innovative Research. To an extent, the pandemic leveled the playing field for younger researchers because no one was an expert on COVID-19. Dr. Antman recommends that young researchers finding emerging fields where experts are yet to be established. 


This episode is hosted by Sandra Fenwick. She is the former CEO of the Boston Children’s Hospital.


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