Mental Health: Changing Perceptions

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Mental Health: Changing Perceptions

This episode is a mash-up of interviews featuring Her Story guests speaking about challenges and opportunities in the field of mental health. Guests include Stephanie Hartselle, M.D., CEO, Hartselle and…
November 16, 2022

Mental Health: Changing Perceptions

Meet the Guests:

Stephanie Hartselle, M.D. is a pediatric and adult Psychiatrist and CEO of Hartselle & Associates. Alison Darcy, Ph.D. is the President and Founder of Woebot Health. Solomé Tibebu is a Senior Fellow for Digital Transformation at the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute, a Venture Partner at GreyMater, and Founder and Host of Going Digital: Behavioral Health Tech.


Key Insights:

This episode dives into the current state of mental healthcare in terms of perceptions, practice, and patient choice.


  • Perceptions in Media. Dr. Hartselle is a consultant for big name movie producers, including Harley Quinn’s “Birds of Prey”. She notes a growing interest in Hollywood to represent mental health illnesses more accurately.
  • Treatment Challenges. There is high demand for mental healthcare services. However, Dr. Darcy points out that care practices are archaic and challenging to scale to meet that demand. 
  • Investing in Care. Solomé shares that there is more funding, attention, and interest than ever in mental healthcare. Now is the time to make change.


This episode is part one of a special two-part series on mental health. Check out part two on Day Zero!


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