56: Senator, Governor, and Advocate for Women

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56: Senator, Governor, and Advocate for Women

This episode is hosted by Her Story Advisory Council Member Joanne Conroy, M.D. Dr. Conroy and Senator Shaheen discuss her entrance into politics, advice for aspiring politicians, bipartisan leadership, and…
January 5, 2022

56: Senator, Governor, and Advocate for Women

Meet Senator Jeanne Shaheen:

Senator Jeanne Shaheen is the sitting U.S. Senator for New Hampshire. She is a member of the Senate Committees on Armed Services, Foreign Relations, Appropriations, Small Business and Entrepreneurship, and the Select Committee on Ethics. Previously, Sen. Shaheen served as the Director of Harvard University’s Institute of Politics at the Kennedy School of Government. She was also elected Governor of New Hampshire, and is the first woman in U.S. history to be elected both a Governor and United States Senator.

Key Insights:

Senator Jeanne Shaheen is an accomplished politician. She is the highest-ranking woman on the Armed Services Committee, and has been an elected public servant for over two decades.

  • Raise Your Hand. While at the Institute of Politics at the Kennedy School at Harvard, when she asked which student want to run for office, almost every male hand would go up, but only a third of women. Sen. Shaheen emphasizes the importance of having women in office, so policy decisions reflect women’s experiences (4:42)
  • Compromise. Reaching compromise requires a willingness to listen to other points of view, to find common ground, and to be respectful. (16:30)
  • Public Service. For women interested in public service careers, Sen. Shaheen recommends that you reflect on what issues you care about most, and find related work. This is the best entrance into what you might want to do next in politics, policy, or public service. (17:51)

This episode is hosted by Joanne Conroy, M.D. She is a member of the Advisory Council for Her Story is the CEO and President of Dartmouth-Hitchcock and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health.

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