Episode #75: Giving Yourself the Power to Create Balance Between What You Can't Control and What You Can featuring Ann Shepard

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Episode #75: Giving Yourself the Power to Create Balance Between What You Can't Control and What You Can featuring Ann Shepard

December 16, 2020

Episode #75: Giving Yourself the Power to Create Balance Between What You Can't Control and What You Can featuring Ann Shepard

In this episode we have the extreme pleasure of interviewing Ann Shepard, a Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Informatics Officer about her quest for work life balance.

During the interview Ann shares how her journey began when she realized what she had heard and learned previously about work life balance wasn’t serving her.  

Ann reveals as she transitioned to working from home during the initial days of COVID she felt like she was working all the time and struggling to turn work off.  This realization fueled her desire to know what she needed to do differently.

 “I’m so busy” is a common mantra for leaders, Ann says. What Ann came to realize, when it came to registering for the Work Life Balance Bootcamp, was that she didn’t have enough time not to do it! 

Early in the interview Ann spoke about how learning about polarities made her think differently than she had before.  She also shared how she leverages the Work Life Balance Blueprint she developed in the bootcamp weekly to guide and monitor how effective her action steps are.  

As a result of participating in the Work Life Balance Accelerator Program, Ann learned a lot about leaning into others at home and leveraging the strengths of her team at work to enhance not only her performance but also the performance of her team.

Ann shared writing a vision as part of the Rise of the Resilient and Balanced Healthcare Leader Coaching Program felt a bit daunting at first, mostly because she thought she wasn’t good at it, but now finds it a helpful tool to capture what she wants in her immediate future and long-term future. 

One of Ann’s biggest lessons about goals was not to go crazy and set too many and that you can leverage them to achieve your action steps in your Work Life Balance Blueprint.

Toward the end of the interview Ann reveals what she considers the biggest value of the program, the opportunity to learn polarities as a new way of dealing with a common challenge and then building on the new knowledge and information in a logical and absorbable way throughout the rest of the coaching programs.  

Ann recommends to anyone thinking about joining our coaching programs that you should take advantage of it, because it’s an opportunity to learn new tools that will support your new realities and give you some power to balance those things you can’t control with what you can control.  

At the end of the interview Ann says, “this is life changing, I’m a junkie about this” and “you’d be a fool not to join or stand in line for the next class!”  

Well, how can we argue with that?!

You’ve probably already realized Ann has had a life changing experience and you have an opportunity to learn from her experience.  Go ahead and listen now, you’ll be glad you did.    

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