#88: Interprofessional Education and Practice Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow featuring Dr. Andrea Pfeifle

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#88: Interprofessional Education and Practice Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow featuring Dr. Andrea Pfeifle

March 17, 2021

#88: Interprofessional Education and Practice Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow featuring Dr. Andrea Pfeifle

In this episode we talk with Dr. Andrea Pfeifle, about the history and future of interprofessional education (IPE) and collaborative practice (IPCP), her experiences as a leader in today’s environments, and some of the barriers that have inhibited progress.

Andrea shares her interprofessional journey and a little of how a special relationship with a young boy and his family ignited her love affair with interprofessional collaboration.  She also tells how an invitation, from the Dean of Medicine at University of Kentucky, to lead an interprofessional education initiative at the university launched her interprofessional leadership career and changed her life forever. 

In the interview Andrea shares her perspective on how IPE and IPCP have advanced in the last ten years.  Some examples she shares are the transformation of health professions education, the development and dissemination of interprofessional collaborative practice competencies, expansion of IPE across universities and colleges, and the establishment of the National Center of Interprofessional Practice and Education.

When it comes to factors that have helped foster IPE and IPCP over the years Andrea, shares with our listeners she feels there is a sense intuitively that it’s the “right thing to do” and it “feels right”, which makes it easier to engage people as champions.  Many key stakeholders and groups have engaged in the effort in the last ten years and some key publications have also contributed to making it happen as well.  

There have been some barriers along the way, too!  Andrea talks about some of the barriers including the implicit bias that lies beneath the healthcare system and shapes the models of care, decisions, reimbursement, and structure of healthcare. Another significant challenge Andrea mentions is scalability.

We discuss the need for simultaneous action to move IPE and IPCP forward and the importance of having infrastructures, education and practice partnerships, and outcome measurement.

At the close of the interview Andrea shares her hope over the next 10 years is that integrated team practice is the standard and it’s designed with patients, families, and learners.

This interview includes a remarkable synthesis of the efforts and actions taken to advance IPE and IPCP and is full of important information describing the current state.  If you’re interested in IPE and IPCP you will want to stop what you are doing and listen now!

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