#74:   Being Your Best Self at Work and Home:  The Ah-ha Moments and Lessons Learned Along the Way from Four Wise Healthcare Leaders

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#74: Being Your Best Self at Work and Home: The Ah-ha Moments and Lessons Learned Along the Way from Four Wise Healthcare Leaders

December 9, 2020

#74: Being Your Best Self at Work and Home: The Ah-ha Moments and Lessons Learned Along the Way from Four Wise Healthcare Leaders

In this episode we interview a group of amazing healthcare leaders whom we have had the privilege of engaging with in our various coaching programs for healthcare leaders.  

These leaders come from a wide variety of backgrounds and locations, but they all share a common goal to be the best they can be at both work and home.

During the interview, the group revealed their motivations for seeking work life balance included the desire to continue to grow and evolve on a personal level, new roles and career transitions, and pressures and challenges of working from home during COVID.  

A common benefit from participating in our Work Life Balance Bootcamp for Healthcare Leaders that our guests received was a heightened awareness of the tension between work and home and having the tools and strategies to mitigate negative consequences. Nancy found great benefit in having a blueprint to help her recognize what she needs to differently and guide her actions daily.  In addition, Ann shared one of the biggest differences for her after participating in the bootcamp was she had the awareness and permission to not expect a perfect 50/50 balance between work and home.  

Roberta shared it felt a bit riskier to engage in the Work Life Balance Accelerator Program because she knew this experience would require her to go deeper, but at the same time she felt the compassion of the group supported her to take the next steps.  For Nancy and Vicky learning to overcome negative and limiting stories was powerful.

During the interview Vicky shared The Rise of the Resilient and Balanced Healthcare Leader Coaching Program is where she put it all together and realized it’s not just about work life balance but many other polarities that are at play.  A common theme among the group was the power of the coaching both in the group and one-on-one.  Ann’s favorite element was the 360 Polarity Assessment™ and what she learned from it.

This group of talented healthcare leaders knew in their hearts when the coaching program concluded they weren’t finished and there was more to explore and learn.  Many became the founding members of the Court of Support, which Vicky says is “the icing on the cake”! They shared how they look forward to their weekly connection and to supporting each other in continuing the work life balance journey and achieving their goals.

The heartfelt message at the end of the interview to other healthcare leaders who may be struggling right now was invest in yourself because the people you love at home and at work and your community need strong leaders and you can’t give what you don’t have, so take the time to work on being the best version of you so you can give attention to what matters most.

You’ve probably already realized, before listening how inspiring and powerful this interview is.  Go ahead and listen now, you’ll be glad you did.    

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