#72: Professional Well-being and Personal Well-being:  Why We Can't Have One Without the Other

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#72: Professional Well-being and Personal Well-being: Why We Can't Have One Without the Other

November 25, 2020

#72: Professional Well-being and Personal Well-being: Why We Can't Have One Without the Other

You probably already know that healthcare leaders need to be role-models for their teams.  When it comes to well-being, leaders have a double burden to be a role model for both professional well-being and personal well-being.

The leader and his/her team members will not achieve balance and resilience without taking dual action to achieve both professional and personal well-being states.

Individuals struggling with professional well-being may experience overwhelm, disengagement, exhaustion, and moral distress.

What you may not realize is that individuals can’t have professional well-being without personal well-being.  This is an interdependent pair, so both are necessary and equally important. 

Personal well-being is associated with having a meaningful existence, quality of life, and positive health outcomes.

Leaders can struggle with meeting their personal needs because of the numerous competing demands they face, and now those demands placed on them because of the COVID pandemic. 

These overwhelmed, struggling leaders feel guilty because they want to be role models for personal well-being, but they feel the weight of the competing demands, long work hours, plus for many the 24/7 accountability of their roles.  After a while it’s easy for leaders to slip into the belief that sacrifice is a part of being a leader and to relieve the tension and eliminate the guilt, some stop trying to maintain their personal well-being.  Unfortunately, over time they experience negative consequences such as depleted levels of energy, exhaustion, and burn out.

In the episode we talk about a dual action strategy to support individuals in their quest for personal and professional well-being and system level changes to create healthy healing work environments in healthcare organizations.   

When both personal and professional well-being are achieved healthcare leaders and professionals not only thrive but are able to contribute to a healthy healing work culture.

This is a thought-provoking episode, but that will become readily apparent when you listen! 

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