#61 Three Essential Elements Healthcare Leaders Can Use to Live a Balanced Life During the Hard Times and Beyond

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#61 Three Essential Elements Healthcare Leaders Can Use to Live a Balanced Life During the Hard Times and Beyond

September 9, 2020

#61 Three Essential Elements Healthcare Leaders Can Use to Live a Balanced Life During the Hard Times and Beyond

Why is it important for healthcare leaders to live a balanced life? 

The stress and strain on the healthcare workforce is unprecedented and is taking a significant toll on a work force that was already experiencing burnout or was on the verge of it before the COVID pandemic.  

If you are like most healthcare leaders, you are already being called upon to address these challenges and are feeling the call to support your team. 

The truth is, as the leader, you are their first line of support.   

How prepared are you to carry this responsibility and burden?   

We know how much you want to support them AND you are experiencing significant challenges and stress, too.   

Have you already noticed the toll these pressing challenges are taking on you?   

Without a way to maintain balance in your life between work demands and personal and family needs, you will experience unintended, negative consequences over time.  

In this episode, we explore a unique combination of essential elements that you may or may not know can help you achieve life-long work life balance.  These three essential elements are part of our Dynamic Balance Effect Framework™ that we leverage to help healthcare leaders develop balance and resilience in their work and personal lives. 

How you define balance can impact your ability to achieve and sustain work life balance.  During the episode we discuss the concept of dynamic balance and how to embrace and leverage the tension between work and home.    

Meg Wheatley states, “Relationships are all there is.  Everything in the universe only exists because it is in relationship to everything else”.  We talk about the significant role healthy relationships at work and home play in establishing work life balance.  

You may or may not realize how powerful you are when you leverage your strengths. The third element we discuss is mastering your strengths and leveraging the strengths of others during difficult or challenging times.  

Have you begun to realize how these three essential elements (managing the tension between work & home, cultivating healthy relationships, and leveraging your strengths) can help you establish work life balance, yet?   

When you listen to the podcast, you will see why this combination of elements is a game changer. 

You may or may not know that the doors to our NEW 5- Day VIRTUAL Work Life Balance Bootcamp for Healthcare Leaders are OPEN!!  If you want to experience more joy, live with intention, and add value at work and establish work life balance easily and effortlessly, then this bootcamp is for you.  

Click here to learn more, but HURRY the doors close at MIDNIGHT on Friday, September 11th!  

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