#41 Looking Back and Into the Future

Healthcare’s MissingLogic Podcast

#41 Looking Back and Into the Future

April 22, 2020

#41 Looking Back and Into the Future

We have thoroughly enjoyed hosting Healthcare’s MissingLogic podcast and we want to thank all our listeners for tuning in!

When we started the podcast, we wanted to reach as many healthcare leaders as possible and help them see that Polarity Thinking™ can be applied in almost all situations. So, it warms are heart when a listener leaves us an iTunes review like this one from RD4IPE:

“What a fun and refreshing looks at the healthcare system from the inside out! These ladies bring a critical perspective to the real issues facing healthcare professionals today. Putting on your polarity lens will change the way you see things where you work, where you live and where you play.”

We remain passionate about creating a movement to make Polarity Thinking™ mainstream in healthcare. We know it is needed to create sustainable change and believe it is a competency every leader should have.

After much reflection and careful consideration, we’ve come to the conclusion that while polarities are everywhere in healthcare, we can serve the healthcare community best by narrowing our attention to the personal, professional and organizational polarities that impact burnout and resilience in healthcare leaders.

In this episode, we introduce you to the Dynamic Balance Effect℠. This is a methodology we developed based on over 25 years of experience to help healthcare leaders trade burnout for balance and resilience in their work and personal lives and a methodology you will be hearing more about in future episodes.

As many healthcare leaders across the country support or prepare their organizations to respond to the COVID-19 crisis we will be publishing some episodes focused on personal and work environment polarities being experienced during this time. As we move beyond the current crisis, we will expand our topics to include polarities and other elements essential to a healthy healing organization.

Thank you for listening! 

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