#224: Encore Episode: How to Become the CEO of your Life

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#224: Encore Episode: How to Become the CEO of your Life

This episode talks about how to become the CEO of your own life.
October 25, 2023

#224: Encore Episode: How to Become the CEO of your Life

Today’s episode is all about “How to become the CEO of your life”.

We believe that if you’re not taking full responsibility for your life and you’re blaming circumstances and making an excuse not to do the things that serve your purpose, then you’re not the CEO of your life.

Maybe you have a limiting belief that you don’t have a choice, or you’re not in control of your own life.

But if you’re the CEO of your life, you can give yourself the agency to realign your purpose, you have the choice to take control and create empowering beliefs for better outcomes of your life.

In this podcast, we talk about how every leader has the agency to be the CEO of their own life.

We also discuss three characteristics of being a CEO and what it takes to live those characteristics and own your life.

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