#2 An interview with Polarity Thinking™ Living Legends

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#2 An interview with Polarity Thinking™ Living Legends

July 25, 2019

#2 An interview with Polarity Thinking™ Living Legends

We are so grateful to have two “living legends” as our first guests on the podcast, Dr. Barry Johnson and Bonnie Wesorick.  They are both phenomenal leaders whose life’s work has been to bring Polarity Thinking™ to the world.  We are blessed to have them as our mentors, colleagues and friends!

During the interview Barry shares how the original Polarity Map®  emerged in 1975 and how the work has expanded globally.  Barry partnered with Bonnie Wesorick in the 1990’s as she recognized the significance of managing polarities to achieve healthcare transformation. Bonnie shares her journey in supporting a consortium of over 400 healthcare organizations in applying Polarity Thinking™ and how that led to the development of the first healthcare specific Polarity Assessment™ .

If you are a first time listener, we suggest you listen to Episode #1 to gain a foundational understanding of polarities before listening to other episodes.

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