#162: Creating Your “Personal Style” through Personal Alignment with Alma Barrero

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#162: Creating Your “Personal Style” through Personal Alignment with Alma Barrero

In this interview with our special guest Alma Barrero, we talk about the importance of creating your "Personal Style" through personal alignment.
August 17, 2022

#162: Creating Your “Personal Style” through Personal Alignment with Alma Barrero

In this episode, we talk with our special guest Alma Barrero about her book “Style Power” and the importance of creating your “Personal Style” through personal alignment.

Alma is an intuitive style coach, a former corporate executive, a wife, and a mother. Her proprietary Style Power Formula™ is a simple and life-changing philosophy for creating a wardrobe that aligns with who you truly are.

She’s also an international speaker, mentor, and entrepreneur who helps her clients from both the entrepreneurial and corporate world to create a life-changing connection with their wardrobes while manifesting more freedom and success in their life.

Alma shares the three pillars of The Style Power Formula™ and how she created her own version of style. We also talk about her journey regarding a personal health issue and how she redefined her relationship with her body.

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