#126: Leveraging Candor and Diplomacy While Living in a Polarized World

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#126: Leveraging Candor and Diplomacy While Living in a Polarized World

December 8, 2021

#126: Leveraging Candor and Diplomacy While Living in a Polarized World

We have experienced some of the most challenging and polarizing times in recent history.

We are exposed to different points of view and what might appear to be opposite or conflicting perspectives and values on a daily basis.

Differing perspectives and points of view can be good. In this episode, we talk about recognizing when conflicting or opposing perspectives need each other to serve a bigger purpose and how that can change the conversation.

One way to deal with a polarity is to understand the polarity itself of candor and diplomacy so you can deepen your understanding of other people’s perspectives and skillsets.

During the podcast, we also explore the importance of candor and diplomacy and how you can leverage both to support healthy communication.

We also talk about some of the positive outcomes and early warnings signs of candor and diplomacy and how individuals can engage in healthy dialogue about things that matter most to them.

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