#118: Can We Create New Leadership Norms in Healthcare?

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#118: Can We Create New Leadership Norms in Healthcare?

October 13, 2021

#118: Can We Create New Leadership Norms in Healthcare?

In healthcare one of the leadership norms is leaders sacrifice, they put everyone else first. This is especially true now, during these challenging times.

You’ve been indoctrinated to be a servant leader, always focusing on the needs of the team, the organization, the patients and families, before giving attention to your own needs.

Servant leadership is not a bad thing, until you “over-serve” and neglect yourself.

With this unipolar approach of leadership, healthcare leaders end up burned out, exhausted, and empty.

In this podcast, we discussed redefining leadership norms and taking advantage of our current situation to reset, relook, and reevaluate everything to create a new reality and leadership approach.

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