#114: Top 10 Secrets to Creating and Sustaining Strong Partnerships

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#114: Top 10 Secrets to Creating and Sustaining Strong Partnerships

September 15, 2021

#114: Top 10 Secrets to Creating and Sustaining Strong Partnerships

As Meg Wheatly says, “Relationships are everything!” There isn’t much more stressful than a strained or difficult relationship at work or at home. If you’re doing one of the following things 1) not making relationships a priority, 2) struggling with how to build a strong relationship, or 3) thinking relationships are “soft, fluffy stuff” and you don’t have time for that, then we guarantee your relationships are strained, your energy is drained, and you’re unhappy. We’ve been blessed with strong partnerships in all aspects of our lives and in this episode we share with you our top ten secrets to strong partnerships.

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