#107: Well-Being and Dynamic Balance with Dr. Vicky Tiase

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#107: Well-Being and Dynamic Balance with Dr. Vicky Tiase

July 28, 2021

#107: Well-Being and Dynamic Balance with Dr. Vicky Tiase

Improving the well-being of clinicians and leaders is on the minds and agenda in many organizations. It is also a focal point for professional and national organizations. One of the key elements of wellness includes the dynamic balance of activity and rest. Doesn’t matter what profession you represent or what role you’re in, all clinicians and leaders need balance in these areas to thrive. So today, we are going to look at creating this dynamic balance with Dr. Vicky Tiase. Vicky is going to share her unique insights based on her experience and perspective as a professional athlete, coach, and a nurse leader. As a bonus, Vicky will share some insights on the inclusion of well-being as an outcome in the Future of Nursing 2020-2030 Report. 

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