LATAM Ep. 3: Improving Cancer Care in South America (Pegasi)

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LATAM Ep. 3: Improving Cancer Care in South America (Pegasi)

June 15, 2023

LATAM Ep. 3: Improving Cancer Care in South America (Pegasi)

In the last few episodes, you’ve been able to hear two episodes about digital health in South America. We talked about Peru with Jhonathan Bringas, MD and innovator, CEO of Lapsi Health, we dove into Argentina with Santiago Troncar, CEO and Founder or FutureDocs Latin America, and in this episode, we are looking into Chile and cancer Care in Latin America, with Luis Santiago, CEO of Pegasi. Luis was a guest on the podcast already 2 years ago, and I added the link to that episode in the show notes. PEGASI is a healthcare IT company that pivoted from EMR provision to cancer care with their oncology information system that aims to improve the time it takes to diagnose and treat cancer patients in developing countries. 

Luis talked about oncology management in South America, changes in healthcare digitalization in South America after the pandemic.

Other episodes:

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