How Can Generative AI Superstaff Healthcare? (Munjal Shah)

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How Can Generative AI Superstaff Healthcare? (Munjal Shah)

July 25, 2023

How Can Generative AI Superstaff Healthcare? (Munjal Shah)

The field of generative AI companies is evolving fast and many companies, that have been exploring the field for years, are gaining in visibility. However, new companies are popping up as well. One of them is Hippocratic AI, founded in 2023. Hippocratic AI building a safety-focused large language model (LLM) for the healthcare industry. The company raised 50 million US dollars this year. In this episode, Munjal Shah, CEO and Founder of Hippocratic AI talked about what exactly does the company mean by positioning itself as a safety-based LLM, what convinced investors, how are they building the team, and why there are a lot of inefficiencies to be solved before we use generative AI for diagnosis.

This episode will give you a basic understanding of: 

  • how are large language models built, 
  • what’s the difference between horizontally and vertically build models, 
  • where LLMs could replace (yes, “replace” as in cater to the staffing needs in healthcare) the healthcare workforce



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