#73, Reducing Maternal Mortality in Africa with Allison Howard-Berry from Touch Foundation

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#73, Reducing Maternal Mortality in Africa with Allison Howard-Berry from Touch Foundation

Learn how Touch Foundation deploys sustainable and scalable transportation and healthcare programs in Sub-Saharan Africa.
December 5, 2023

#73, Reducing Maternal Mortality in Africa with Allison Howard-Berry from Touch Foundation

On this episode of the AWS Health Innovation Podcast, host Danielle Morris, Principal Lead for Health Equity at AWS, sits down with Allison Howard Berry, Chief Advancement Officer of Touch Foundation. They highlight Touch Foundation’s inspiring story, an organization transforming maternal healthcare in Africa. Millions of mothers on the continent, and their unborn children, lack reliable transport to medical care at key points during pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal care. Learn about Touch Foundation’s ground breaking M-MAMA program, which reduced maternal mortality rates by 27% in Tanzania, by providing over 50,000 transports per year.

Learn about:

  • Touch Foundation’s Journey [02:33]: Allison Howard Berry from Touch Foundation discusses the organization’s mission and longstanding collaboration with the Tanzanian government. Berry illuminates the complexities of healthcare access in rural Africa, emphasizing Touch Foundation’s focus on delivering sustainable and long-lasting healthcare innovation in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Innovating with M-MAMA [11:36]: A deep dive into the M-MAMA program, a transformative transportation solution helping pregnant women in Tanzania. Berry explains the program’s design considerations, such as security and data privacy, its success in reducing maternal mortality, and the crucial role of government support in ensuring M-MAMA’s sustainability and scalability.
  • Scaling Success [21:45]: Berry shares success stories and the significant impact of M-MAMA in reducing maternal mortality by 27%. We also explore future plans for expanding the program in Lesotho and Kenya, adapting to each country’s unique context, and broadening M-MAMA’s scope to address a wider range of health outcomes.
  • Lessons and Partnerships [27:26]:Berry reflects on key lessons from M-MAMA’s implementation, such as the value of partnerships and the need for adaptability in different contexts. Berry also offers advice for innovators using technology for social impact and highlights Touch Foundation’s recognition in the AWS Health Equity initiative.

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