#41, JPM Special, Health Tech Bio – Trends from Across the Pond

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#41, JPM Special, Health Tech Bio – Trends from Across the Pond

January 30, 2023

#41, JPM Special, Health Tech Bio – Trends from Across the Pond

Tune in for the latest episode of the AWS Health Innovation podcast, recorded live at the “Health.Tech.Bio – Trends from Accross the Pond” symposium AWS co-hosted with Wellington Partners at JPM.

Europe and Israel are hotbeds of healthcare & life science innovation, with talent from top-class research institutes, leading pharmaceutical companies and VC’s all playing on the global stage. As the industry undergoes digital transformation via the adoption of cloud, high performance computing and machine learning, new opportunities for investment and collaboration are emerging.

The episode combines:

✅ Interview with Dr. Dana Gourevich (Chief Technology Officer, Israel Innovation Authority) showcasing how Israel uses public/private partnerships to match leading talent from its universities to life sciences research challenges, highlighting AION Labs as an example.

✅ Expert panel with Dr. Richard Law (Chief Business Officer, Exscientia), Edward Kliphuis (Partner, Sofinnova Partners) and Dr. Amrita Sarkar (Principal, Healthcare & Life Sciences, AWS) covering Europe & America’s complementary roles accelerating healthcare innovation.

✅ Fireside chat with Dr. Rainer Strohmenger and Dr. Regina Hodits, Managing Partners at Wellington Partners detailing their investment approach, how they support startups, and pragmatic advice for founders.

Learn more about how AWS enables healthcare and life science startups to grow & thrive ( and how healthcare & life sciences industry leaders leverage the cloud to accelerate health innovation (

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