#37, New Year’s Special – HLTH Conference

AWS Health Innovation Podcast

#37, New Year’s Special – HLTH Conference

As we attend events, we have the opportunity to meet a wide range of individuals who are passionate about improving healthcare outcomes, increasing access to care and driving down costs.…
January 2, 2023

#37, New Year’s Special – HLTH Conference

Alex Merwin hosts a group of health innovation leaders from startups, investors, media and startup enabling organizations for a special HLTH compilation episode. We asked each innovator two questions: what is special about convening in-person at events in this post-covid world, and if they could wave a magic wand to eliminate any hurdle to health innovation what would they change and why. Thanks to our guests from Redesign Health, Maven Clinic, Luma Health, Health Gorilla, Matter, Mission Based Media, Keep Labs, Memora Health, Unseen Capital, BioFourmis, and Brightside Health. Learn more about how AWS enables healthcare & life sciences startups to grow and thrive at and

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