RaDonda Vaught Seeks Nursing License Reinstatement

Ask Nurse Alice

RaDonda Vaught Seeks Nursing License Reinstatement

September 26, 2023

RaDonda Vaught Seeks Nursing License Reinstatement

In this episode, Nurse Alice revisits the case of Redonda Vaught, who was convicted of gross negligence in a medication error that resulted in the death of a patient. Her nursing license was revoked by the Tennessee Board of Nursing in 2021 but seeks nursing license reinstatement.

Nurse Alice discusses the importance of medication safety systems and the devastating impact of such errors on patients and their families. She emphasizes the need for exploration and investigation to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

Jump ahead to listen:
[00:00:31] Medication error and patient death. 
[00:04:23] Nursing license reinstatement. 
[00:10:46] Patient death and consequences. 
[00:13:37] Breach of standard procedures. 
[00:17:13] Public trust in healthcare. 
[00:22:29] The board of registered nursing. 
[00:24:19] Nursing license and public protection. 
[00:27:30] Revoking nursing license discussion. 

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