How Hued is Helping to Create Health Equity

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How Hued is Helping to Create Health Equity

November 17, 2021

How Hued is Helping to Create Health Equity

We know that cultural diversity and health equity are very much issues that plague and negatively impact the quality of healthcare that so many people receive. In this episode, Kimberly Wilson, tech entrepreneur and creator of “Hued,” an app that links black and Latinx patients with culturally competent doctors shares what she and her company are doing to fix it. 

Birthed from her own frustrations as a black woman navigating healthcare and experiencing disproportionate care, Kimberly was inspired to use her own challenges with fibroids and so infused her knowledge, expertise, and work around social justice, media, and technology to create a health care engagement platform that initially matched patients of color with providers of color. Recognizing that was only a bandaid for the problem, Hued then expanded its mission to connect patients of color with culturally competent and informed healthcare providers, provide health literacy resources to providers, and help organizations transition to equity-based quality care.

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