How Can We Prevent Hospital Shootings?

Ask Nurse Alice

How Can We Prevent Hospital Shootings?

June 7, 2022

How Can We Prevent Hospital Shootings?

It’s every nurse or healthcare worker’s nightmare: shooting in the hospital. Sadly, violence against healthcare workers has been on the rise. You might feel helpless, if you do, that’s normal. Just know- you’re not alone, gun violence in hospitals can be prevented.

In this episode, Nurse Alice talks about, 

  • Ways nurses can protect themselves from gun violence and workplace violence
  • How to identify potentially violent patients
  • How to prevent hospital shootings
  • What hospitals are doing to protect healthcare workers from violence
  • Legislation that is planned to prevent gun violence

Alice addresses the emerging gun violence in society today and the recent killing of four people at the Tulsa Medical Center by a disgruntled patient, who was also killed.

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