Firing Your Employer: Taking Control of Your Nursing Career

Ask Nurse Alice

Firing Your Employer: Taking Control of Your Nursing Career

July 18, 2023

Firing Your Employer: Taking Control of Your Nursing Career

In this episode of the Ask Nurse Alice podcast, host Alice Benjamin shares her personal experience of firing her employer. She emphasizes the importance of recognizing when an employer is not the right fit, or if the environment does not support your growth & happiness and taking action to find a better opportunity.

Nurse Alice discusses the process of getting a job in healthcare, from applying and interviewing to background checks and orientation. She highlights the importance of recognizing when it’s necessary to take control of your own career and make the decision to leave a job, providing tips and advice for navigating this process.

Overall, the episode underscores the significance of prioritizing personal growth, happiness, and well-being in the workplace. It encourages nurses to evaluate their employers with the same scrutiny that employers evaluate them and to proactively seek a work environment where they can thrive and find happiness.

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Jump to Listen Ahead:
[00:02:38] The probationary period. 
[00:05:09] Onboarding red flags. 
[00:09:06] Challenging work environment. 
[00:12:47] Firing an employer during probation. 
[00:15:47] Why did you decide to leave? 
[00:18:13] Exhausting communication for problem-solving. 
[00:21:04] Questions for HR and obligations. 
[00:25:12] Always have a plan B. 
[00:26:41] Evaluating employers with scrutiny. 

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