16-Year-Old Graduates Nursing School with BSN Degree

Ask Nurse Alice

16-Year-Old Graduates Nursing School with BSN Degree

September 12, 2023

16-Year-Old Graduates Nursing School with BSN Degree

In this episode of the Ask Nurse Alice podcast, host Alice Benjamin discusses the story of Eliana Tinnenbaum, a 16-year-old who recently graduated from Arizona State University’s accelerated nursing program. Alice shares how this achievement sparked controversy and divided opinions among people. While some praised Eliana’s academic prowess, others questioned the appropriateness of someone so young entering the nursing profession. Alice explores the different perspectives surrounding this milestone and emphasizes the importance of congratulating individuals for their achievements, regardless of their age.

Jump ahead to listen:
[00:00:27] Controversy over young nursing graduate. 
[00:04:38] Young nurse’s eligibility dilemma. 
[00:08:19] Adolescents as nurses. 
[00:11:23] Licensing and age requirements. 
[00:15:11] Emotional challenges for young nurses. 
[00:19:13] Job demands and adolescent maturity. 
[00:21:40] Incorporating adolescents into healthcare. 
[00:25:19] Younger nurses and professional growth. 
[00:29:48] Impact of 16-year-old nurses. 

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