The HealthXL Digital Health Podcast

The HealthXL Digital Health Podcast

HealthXL brings together healthcare innovators from Pharma, Providers, Payors and Start-ups to collaborate around new opportunities in healthcare for all.

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“A pool of money does not amount to success” Steve Seuntjens (Partner at Personal Health Solutions)

“A pool of money does not amount to success” Steve Seuntjens, Partner at Personal Health Solutions, tells us during our discussion in this month’s videocast. Steve has the know-how to back this statement up. From the early days of Health Tech to modern Digital Health, Steve is our podcast guest this month.
January 10, 2021

Wall Street & Dollymount Strand | From tough breaks to Global Leaders, Ken Cahil (SilverCloud Health) & Jim Joyce (HealthBeacon)

Join us for our latest podcast as we sit down with Ken Cahil, CEO at SilverCloud Health and Jim Joyce, CEO at HealthBeacon. During the podcast, we dive into a number of areas with both men including: Ken and Jim’s views on selling into the Irish, UK and US markets. What are the key differences and similarities they have experienced? Is Ireland one of the hardest markets in the world to enter and how do you crack it? What did an EIR (Entrepreneur in Residence) role mean to Ken? And how have both men’s companies adapted and changed in a Covid-19 world and how do they see the future of the industry?
November 20, 2020

“Today the way we change cultures is with technology” A tête-à-tête with Glen Tullman

What can we learn from the Amish with regards to technology? A lot more than you may think according to today’s guest Glen Tullman (Founder/Managing Partner at 7wireVentures & former Executive Chairman Livongo). For nearly 25 years Glen has been behind some of the major businesses driving technological adoption and advances within the healthcare culture of the United States. Join us for our latest podcast as we learn more about Glen’s involvement in digital health advances throughout the United States, from combating 6,000 preventable medication error deaths per year, to founding Livongo following a personal upset. Learn about Glen’s 7wireVentures, how he feels Covid will impact digital health adoption and much more.
November 5, 2020

“I went to art school and now I’m a healthcare executive” – The Healthcare Artist Sarah Iselin

From Art School to EVP of Government Programs and Diversified Business at GuideWell and Florida Blue, Join us for our latest podcast as we catch up with Sarah Iselin.
October 15, 2020

Women can’t do science to wonder science woman

Born and raised in New York, Francesca Wuttke needed to become a scientist, especially because she was once told that girls couldn’t be scientists. In spite of her catholic teacher, Francesca got her PhD in Pharmacology and embarked on a stellar international career. She successfully navigated the worlds of academia, private equity and consultancy before finding her feet in the pharmaceutical world. In 2015, after 4 years with Novartis in Basel, Francesca and her family relocated to Barcelona, where initially she headed up Almirall’s corporate strategy efforts before taking up a position at Merck’s Global Health Innovation (GHI) Fund to lead their European investments. During her time at Merck, Francesca drank the digital cool-aid - an experience which defines her most recent career move. Today, Francesca is the Chief Digital Officer at Almirall, a Spanish pharmaceutical in the early phases of its digital transformation. Under her leadership, the company is poised to benefit from and fully embrace the many opportunities digital health offers. The company’s accelerator program, the Digital Garden, entering its second year (with a focus on medical dermatology and pharma process optimization), is instrumental in the company’s digital journey. We learn more about life in Barcelona, the city’s thriving start-up scene and how the Barcelona Health Hub is attracting big investment and sponsorship from some of the largest corporations in the world.
September 23, 2020

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The HealthXL Digital Health Podcast

HealthXL brings together healthcare innovators from Pharma, Providers, Payors and Start-ups to collaborate around new opportunities in healthcare for all. Join HealthXL Chief Medical Officer, Chandana Fitzgerald, and Founder, Martin Kelly, as they speak with movers and shakers of the Healthcare industry to share their stories and discuss important topics of the day.
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Chandana Fitzgerald, Chief Medical Officer, HealthXL

Chandana Fitzgerald, Chief Medical Officer, HealthXL

Chandana is a medical doctor with work, research and educational experience across European, American and Asian markets. After a stint in clinical practice at hospitals and in primary care, Chandana has engaged in leadership positions in the digital health space to bring innovations that bridge gaps in healthcare, including help build new businesses for digital health start-ups.

She is currently driving global collaborations in digital health and medicine as HealthXLs Chief Medical Officer.
Martin Kelly, Co-Founder & CEO HealthXL

Martin Kelly, Co-Founder & CEO HealthXL

Martin is the co-founder and CEO of HealthXL. Previously a partner with IBM Ventures helping set-up their European operations. Co-leading the development and global rollout of IBM SmartCamp supporting early-stage entrepreneurs with 400 of the best mentors in the world. In addition to this, Martin advised the Irish government on their venture capital activities.

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