Robert Iron Shell – The Art of Grounding

Highway To Health Podcast

Robert Iron Shell – The Art of Grounding

May 21, 2024

Robert Iron Shell – The Art of Grounding

Host Jeremy Quinby has a conversation with Robert Iron Shell, aks Rob – The Grounded Athlete and author of Earth and Water, A Short Story of Life’s Matrix. As a track athlete through college and beyond, Rob was always looking for an edge to performance and recovery. After listening to a podcast, he drew from his past education and experience as a Lakota native on theories and practices in grounding to the earth’s natural charge. What he discovered he is now sharing with thousands of people with aim to give people a simple way to improve their physical, mental and emotional health.

Together they discuss the benefits and how to include it into daily wellness practices. See link below for more inspiration and links to books and products for grounding support.

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